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Avoiding Mistakes When Upgrading The Water Heater

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A hot water heater upgrade can substantially increase the amount of hot water that is available to your home while also improving overall performance and efficiency. Yet, there are many mistakes that can compromise the results of this investment or even contribute to problems with the new water heater.

Mistake: Failing To Leave Enough Space For The Hot Water Heater

It is understandable that a homeowner will want to install the water heater in an area where it will be out of the way. Yet, they should avoid placing it in a space that will be somewhat crowded. Making this error with the unit could lead to it being significantly more difficult to service and repair. Also, the confined space could limit the airflow around the water heater. In some cases, this may even result in the unit overheating, which could lead to permanent damage.

Mistake: Not Choosing A Hot Water Heater With A Heavily Insulated Tank

The amount of insulation that is in the water heater's tank is another factor that should not be overlooked by the homeowner. When this tank is not well-insulated, it will significantly increase the speed at which the heated water cools off. This could cause the unit to have to use far more energy to maintain the temperature of the water. As a result, you may find that the unit will run out of hot water more quickly and require higher operating costs. Luckily, many modern water heaters will use a combination of heavy insulation and vacuum seals to help stop the transfer of heat.

Mistake: Overlooking The Benefits Of Improving Water Quality

If your home has water quality issues, there may be some benefits to making changes that will be able to improve the water quality in the home. These upgrades can include filtering the water that is flowing through the system before it enters the water heater. These changes will be capable of minimizing the amount of sediment or minerals that could accumulate in the system. In addition to removing sediments from the water, you may also want to assess whether the unit would benefit from the installation of a water-softening system. Without these upgrades, the water heater could develop deposits that will be able to severely restrict the heat transfer from the system to the water. As a result, making these upgrades may help you avoid the need for more frequent cleaning and repairs of the system.

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