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4 Tips To Upgrade The Plumbing In Your Home And Reduce Energy And Water Waste

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There is a lot of different problems that you may face with the plumbing in your home, which can cause expensive problems, energy loss, and wasted water. Therefore, there are many upgrades that you may want to consider for the pipes in your home when you do renovations. The following plumbing upgrades for your home will help reduce energy loss, water consumption and repair costs: 

Drainage and Backflow Prevention Systems to Stop Water Problems Before They Start  

Drainage around your home can affect household plumbing when it gets into storm drains and backs up into your home. Poor drainage can also cause damage to your home's foundation. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have good drainage systems for your landscaping and foundation. In addition, it is important that your plumbing drain lines have backflow prevention devices installed to prevent sewer backflow from getting in your home and causing damage after heavy rains.  

Renewable Energy for Hot Water Systems to Reduce Wear and Water from Outdated Units  

Another improvement that you may want to consider for the plumbing in your home is renewable energy. There are many options for renewable energy, which include solar panels and thermal collectors, as well as options like geothermal heat exchanges that are used for HVAC, but can also improve the efficiency of boilers and water heaters. 

Take Advantage of Available Water Resources with Recycling and Rain Collection Systems for Your Home  

Your home has available resources that you probably do not take advantage of, such as greywater that comes from appliances and can be reused for toilets and irrigation. There are options for water resources that come from rains and can be stored in barrels and tanks. Professional plumbing installations can help you take advantage of these resources and reduce your water bills.  

Replacing Old Pipes and Adding Shutoff Valves for Better Efficiency and Damage Control Solutions  

Old pipes may need to be replaced, which is a good opportunity to install modern manifolds that can improve efficiency and make maintenance easier. If you are not replacing old pipes, consider having shutoff valves installed to make caring for plumbing easier whenever there is a problem. 

With the right upgrades, your home will be more efficient and protected from potential water damage due to old pipes. If you are ready to start updating the plumbing in your home, contact a residential plumbing service and talk to them about some of these solutions.  Visit a site like for more help.