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Questions to Ask Your Plumbing Contractor for New Plumbing Construction

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When you need new pipe installation in a home, you have a lot of options. How do you pick the right plumbing contractor? Well, you ask the right questions! Here are 5 questions to ask your plumbing contractor for new plumbing construction. 

Are You a Certified Plumber in My Area?

The plumbers you encounter may be at a different point in their career. When someone starts to work as a plumber, they work as a plumbing apprentice. A plumbing apprentice must work under a certified plumber before they can work independently. In order to become a plumbing journeyman or plumbing contractor, a plumbing apprentice must work the required hours as an apprentice and pass all licensing exams. If a plumber wants to continue their education, they can become a master plumber, which requires additional experience and examination. Plumbers must also update their certifications as required by local law. Keep in mind that your plumber's license only applies to the distributing state. 

Are You Insured?

Plumbing contractors require commercial insurance that covers you in case something gets damaged while they work. If a plumber does cause damage to your home, the insurance will only pay out the maximum coverage. If you have an expensive home, you may want a plumber with better commercial insurance. 

Who will be performing the work?

Some jobs require a couple of people to get the job done, especially if you are under a time crunch. You have a right to know who will be in your home, especially if you will not be home the totality of the time the work is being completed. 

What is Your Estimate?

The average cost of new plumbing in the United States comes to roughly $4080. Of course, the total cost of your work will depend on the size of your home, the materials used, and labor costs. Things can balloon out of control if you don't include a cap, so be sure to discuss how you will handle unexpected expenses. 

How Long Will It Take to Complete the Work?

Plumbing is an absolute necessity in order for people to live in a home. Therefore, you may have a deadline for the work. You should verify with the plumbing contractor that they can reasonably complete the work in the time requested. Otherwise, you may need to find other accommodations until you have plumbing. 

With your list of questions handy, you are now ready to collect quotes.  Look for a trusted plumbing contractor in your area, such as Plumbrite Services, LLC.