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Toilet Parts You Might Need To Fix A Leaky Toilet

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A toilet doesn't have very many parts, but when one of them malfunctions or wears out, your toilet might start leaking or have other problems. If you know what the toilet parts are and how they work, you might go to a plumbing store and buy what you need for DIY repairs. Here's a look at some common toilet parts that could need to be replaced because of a leak.

The Wax Ring

The wax ring fits between the toilet and the floor so the drain is sealed. The thick wax ring keeps toilet contents from leaking onto the floor. The ring should probably last the life of your toilet, but if it wears out for some reason or is damaged, it has to be replaced.

Replacing a wax ring might be a difficult DIY project since the toilet has to be lifted and moved, so you might consider calling a plumber for help when water is leaking onto the floor from underneath the toilet.


The flapper is a plug that fits in the toilet tank. It opens when you flush the toilet so water can empty from the tank. When it closes, the flapper should seal so water can't leak into the bowl. If the flapper doesn't seal well, your toilet tank will fill frequently and drive up your water bill.

A flapper is fairly easy to change, but once you've changed it, you'll need to make sure the chain is adjusted properly so the flapper opens and closes as it should.

Universal Repair Kit

Sometimes when you look in the toilet tank, it's obvious what's wrong. Other times, it's difficult to know for sure, and you may find yourself having to make multiple trips to the plumbing store for various toilet parts. If your toilet tank is leaking, it's a good idea to pick up a universal repair kit instead of individual parts.

The kit contains all the parts you might need and it should fit all brands of toilets. Plus, the kit isn't very expensive. The parts you don't use, you can save for future toilet leaks. Kits typically contain a fill valve, flapper, O-rings, tube, chain, and installation tools. You can replace a single toilet part or everything in the tank so you can stop the leak for good.

Water Valve

The supply line to your toilet tank can sometimes leak. This could be a problem with the nut under the tank, the supply line, or the shut-off valve. All of these parts can be replaced if needed so the line or valve stops dripping. You might also want to replace a valve if it's corroded and stuck in place. The valve should always turn freely so you can shut the water off when your toilet leaks.

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