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Times You May Need Hydro Jetting Services

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One of the ways a plumber cleans out drains is with a water jet. This equipment sprays a strong stream of water in a drain to break up clogs and wash the drain at the same time. These are some situations where you might want a plumber to provide hydro jetting services for your plumbing.

When Your Kitchen Drain Has Foul Odors

A lot of things go down a kitchen drain including grease, food bits, and scale from hard water. These things cling to the sides of the drain and catch other debris as it flows by. This causes a clog to slowly form and it can also cause your drain to smell bad due to bacterial buildup. Your drain might even attract pesky flies due to the odor.

A good way to solve this problem is with hydro jetting services. The water scours the sides of the drain to get rid of the building clog and to wash off grease and other buildup. When finished, your drain will empty faster and have a fresher odor.

When The Sewer Main Is Clogged

One of the most common uses for hydro jetting services is to unclog a sewer drain. That's because the jet of water is strong enough to break apart nearly any clog. It can bust up paper as well as tree roots. Plumbers often do a video inspection of the sewer line first to verify the type of clog and check on the condition of the pipe. They may not hydro jet a drain that's corroded and looks fragile.

When Your Shower Is Clogged With Hair

You can often fish a hair clog out from the top of the drain, but if the hair gets deep in the drain, you might need a plumber to use a hydro jet to blast the hair on through to the sewer main.

Shower drains get coated with soap scum, hard water scale, and hair cleaning products that snag hair and keep it from flowing through the drain. This makes the shower drain slow to empty, and the drain may eventually clog off. A hydro jet will get rid of the hair and wash the buildup off the side of the drain.

Hydro jetting services are suitable for most types of drains, including the floor drain in the garage. If you're having trouble with slow drains, smelly drains, or drains that are completely clogged off, call a plumber for help. They may use a hydro jet to get your drains cleaned out and flowing fast again.  

For more info about hydro jetting, contact a local company.