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4 Signs A Water Leak Repair Is Needed

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Are you wondering whether you have water leak damage in your home? The signs of water leak damage are very hard to miss. A water leak can damage the inside of your home and your belonging. It can also cause mold to start growing on your walls and floors.  

This is a major health hazard, this is why as soon as you notice water leak damage you need to take action to get it fixed immediately. Here are some of the major signs that you need to call a plumber.

Discolored Ceiling

A discolored ceiling is very hard to miss. This is one of the first places in which you will notice that there may be something wrong. Discolored ceilings are caused by overflowing toilets on a second floor or even when pipes freeze and burst.

If you see discolorations and brown stains that get larger over time it is a sure sign that there is leakage happening. The problem needs to be fixed by an experienced plumber immediately.

Musty Smell

This is another sign that is hard to miss as well. When musty smells start taking over your home it is a clear sign that water leakage is happening somewhere.

Pay attention to the areas in your home where you smell this musty odor. This can usually give you a clear indicator of where the problem lies.

Peeling Walls

When water is soaking the walls of your home it often shows up in the form of a warped or bulging wall. You may begin to notice that the paint on your walls starts to peel and blister.

Wallpaper may start becoming undone from the wall and it may start disintegrating. You can start taking measures to correct this by painting the walls or even reapplying new wallpaper. However, if you don't fix the leak the situation will reoccur once again.

Warped Floors

Another telltale sign of water damage is when your floor starts becoming warped. If you walk barefooted on your floors you may feel it very easily as moisture begins to seep into your floorboards. 

If you don't feel the warping you may see it. The flooring may start to sag in some areas or buckle in others. All of this is an indication that there is water leaking below your home.

It is important that you pay attention to the signs of water leak damage. Water leaks can have serious consequences if they are not dealt with quickly. Once you realize that you have a water leak, contact water leak repair services.