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Common Water Heater System Maintenance Practices

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Water heater systems provide warm water for different uses, including showering, dishwashing, and cooking. However, water heater system maintenance is necessary to keep your system in excellent condition. But what does water heater maintenance entail? Here are the common water heater system maintenance activities.


The water inside your water heater may contain minerals like calcium in high amounts, especially if using hard water. The minerals may accumulate inside your heater on components such as the heating coils. Hence, your heater may strain to produce hot water, increasing energy consumption. Also, your heater may make loud, weird sounds when heating. In severe cases, the minerals may be challenging to remove, and you may need to buy a new water heating unit. Hot water heater system maintenance, in this case, may entail draining your water heater and flushing out the sediments. This restores your water heater's efficiency.

Leakage Repair  

Your water heater pipes may crack upon impact with hard objects. Also, exposure of the lines to extreme temperatures during winter may cause the pipes to expand and contract drastically and eventually snap. This may result in leakage, leading to water wastage and hot water supply interruptions. Professional plumbers check for leaks during water heater maintenance. Then, the professionals fix the leakage by patching holes or cracks. This helps save water and supply your warm water demand effortlessly.

Insulation Repair 

The insulation on your water heating system prevents energy loss. However, the insulation may wear out as your water heater gets old. Hence, you may notice your heater's pipes getting hotter than usual. The energy loss may result in increased energy bills. Fortunately, repairing or replacing your damaged water heater's insulation minimizes energy losses, which lowers your home's carbon footprint. However, you need a professional plumber to perform insulation maintenance to achieve the desired outcome.

Thermostat Inspection and Repair

Water heaters have a thermostat that regulates water temperature. Nonetheless, if the thermostat is faulty, the temperature you set may change to higher or lower. Hence, your water may be too hot or too cold. Sometimes, you may experience flushes of boiling water, which may endanger your safety. Water heater maintenance may include inspecting your temperature control system and fixing problems. This allows your heater to provide a steady hot water supply at the desired temperature. 

The common water heater system maintenance practices include flushing and leakage, thermostat, and insulation repair. Consider hiring a professional plumber to perform these maintenance services routinely to ensure your water heater's longevity and performance.