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2 Reasons You Should Not Attempt To Replace A Busted Pipe In Your Home Yourself

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After a deep freeze in your area, your pipes may have frozen solid. Once the temperatures rose, the pressure from the ice and water may have busted one of the pipes, making it necessary to shut off the water until it can be fixed.

If only one section of pipe was damaged, you may be considering just buying the supplies listed on a how-to video you viewed and trying to fix it yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should not attempt to replace the busted pipe in your home yourself, and instead, call in a plumber to do it for you.

1. Pros Can Cut Precise Measurements and Make the Fittings Tight to Preventing Future Leaks

One reason why you should not try to replace your home's busted pipe yourself is that everything must be precise when completing the job. When you cut the pipe, you need to have the necessary experience to know exactly how to do the measurements to ensure that it not only fits but will have enough give to fit tightly within the fittings.

When it comes to the fittings, you also need to have the necessary expertise to know how much plumber's cement to use and whether it needs to be sweated with a torch first to ensure they do not leak. A plumber already has the necessary skills and experience to ensure a proper fit that will not cause water leaks.

2. Handling the Pipes and Fittings Improperly Could Result in Further Damage to Adjacent Plumbing Lines

Another reason why you should leave the repairing of your busted pipe to a plumbing professional is that doing it yourself increases the risk of further damage to adjacent pipes and fittings. If you try to force the pipe into a fitting or move it around too much, you risk loosening other fittings along the adjoining plumbing lines.

Even if the damage is not bad enough to notice when you are replacing the damaged pipe, water leaks will eventually appear. An experienced plumber knows how to handle the pipes and fittings to help prevent damage to the adjacent lines as well as how to check for potential problems.

When a busted pipe in your home needs to be replaced, doing it yourself could cause future leaks if you do not cut the new pipe precisely or lack the experience and skill to ensure the fittings are tight. You may also mishandle the pipe and fittings, resulting in further damage along the adjacent plumbing lines. Instead of trying to fix the pipe yourself, contact a plumbing repair service near your home to have a professional do it for you.