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2 Reasons You Should Never Attempt To Pump Your Septic Tank Yourself

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After noticing that the drains and toilets in your home have started to back up, you may have come to the conclusion that your septic tank is overflowing. While you may have it pumped on a regular schedule, you may be considering pumping it yourself just this once. 

However, you should not even entertain the thought of turning septic pumping into a do-it-yourself job. There are a couple of reasons why you should never attempt it, and instead, always have a professional service take care of your septic system for you.

1. Toxic Fumes Are Released When the Hose Is Not Attached Correctly

One reason why you should leave pumping out your home's septic tank to a professional service is the release of toxic fumes. When a septic tank is opened up, the fumes from the reactions created by chemicals, the decay process, and bacterial growth are released.

If the hose used to pump out the tank is not attached correctly, these fumes will be released into the surrounding area. More than likely, you do not have access to this equipment. And, even if you did, you do not have the experience that a professional does with ensuring that the hose is connected properly.

2. Pumped Contents Need to Be Dumped According to Regulations

Another issue that you would run into if you were to attempt to pump the tank yourself is how to dispose of the waste material. Due to the environmental and health hazards posed by the waste, it needs to be dumped in accordance with strict regulations, and it does require a special license.

Since you need to have a septic business to obtain this license, you will not be able to legally dispose of the waste material. The professional service you hire does have full licensure as well as approved access to disposal sites that you do not.

The most important reason why you should forget about doing the job yourself is that it is illegal in most areas for you to clean out your own septic system. Pumping out the tank can release toxic fumes and the contents need to be dumped according to strict regulations, which should only be done by a professional with the proper tools and experience. If the system has started overflowing and is backing up into your home, contact a business in your area that offers septic tank pumping service to schedule an appointment.

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