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4 Benefits Of Drain Hydro Jetting

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When you think about what goes down your drain, you won't hesitate to clean it regularly. Failure to do so allows debris to accumulate in the plumbing pipes, and over time this can result in clogging. Thanks to technological advancements, plumbers today have a plethora of drain cleaning methods they can explore. 

At the top of their list is hydro jetting, a technique that uses water under high pressure to blast away debris, leaving your drainage clean and effective. If drain hydro jetting is a foreign concept, keep reading to learn why it's a drain maintenance technique you should consider exploring.

Thorough Drains and Pipes Cleaning 

The greatest benefit of drain hydro jetting is that it can thoroughly clean drains and pipes. It's a surefire way of restoring proper drainage at your residence, ensuring you don't have to deal with backup or pipe bursts. The high-pressure water effectively removes build-up and debris from the inside of the pipe, allowing all effluent water to flow away from your residence.


Unlike other traditional drain cleaning methods, hydro jetting's efficiency is unquestionable. What's more, traditional drain cleaning methods such as using a plunger or a snake can effectively clear minor blockages. However, they are not as effective at removing larger build-ups or debris. 

Drain hydro jetting can be more effective at removing these blockages. So, if you've moved into an old residence and would like to restore the drainage system to proper function, commissioning drain hydro jetting would be a good idea. 

Safe and Affordable Solution

Perhaps the most important benefit of this method is that it is safe and easy to use. The mechanism behind the equipment's operation isn't complicated and does not require much manual intervention.

After all, the high-pressure water does all the cleaning and all the plumber has to do is direct the force of the water. This makes the service fee affordable, considering how less labor-intensive the execution is.

Clogs Prevention

Lastly, but most importantly, routinely commissioning drain hydro jetting prevents clogs from forming in your drains. Your plumber will take their time when cleaning to ensure the water under high-pressure blasts away all the build-up that has accumulated along the linings of your plumbing pipes. This prevents clogs from forming, which would cause sewage to back up into your home.

If you are looking for an effective and affordable way to clean your plumbing pipes, drain hydro jetting may be the right option. Ensure you contact a seasoned plumber when commissioning drain cleaning for satisfactory results.

For more information on drain hydro jetting, contact a professional near you.