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Did You Just Move Into A New Home? 3 Reasons To Keep The Number To An All-Hours Plumbing Leak Repair Service Handy

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Moving to a new house involves working through a checklist of essential companies to contact. Once you've set up your utilities and found a good lawn service, you might start to feel like your search for businesses in your community is complete. While it feels good to get things done, you also want to avoid forgetting to find an experienced all-hours plumbing leak repair service. Although you'll hopefully never need to make a late-night call, having the number handy provides you with the following benefits as a new homeowner.

Quickly Deal With a Leak You Accidentally Create

During your first few weeks in a new home, you are bound to be doing some decorating. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to realize that a major catastrophe could be lurking just behind the walls as they hang up their family photos and artwork. Nails can sometimes reach far enough into a wall to puncture supply and drain lines. If this happens, then you could be facing a sudden burst of water coming from a pipe that you can't reach. Knowing that you have an emergency plumbing service on hand allows you to act on those sudden bursts of decorating inspiration that you might get in the wee hours of the morning or night.

Feel More Confident With an Unfamiliar System

Home inspections don't always reveal everything that could go wrong with a plumbing system. For example, your house might have mature trees with roots that are starting to work their way into the outdoor water lines, which could lead to a surprise leak. Or, you might have a clog developing in a sewer line that could create a health and safety hazard if a backup develops that causes wastewater to come flowing into your home. Simply knowing that you know who to call can help you to rest a little easier at night.

Protect Your Investment if a Late-Night Leak Happens

You can often get by with a bucket for a minor leak that happens during the night. However, burst pipes or a broken water heater can send large amounts of water rushing through your house faster than you can keep it mopped up. Repairing late-night leaks can't always be put off until the morning because they could leave you with costly amounts of water damage. Being able to get someone out to your house within the same night saves you from having to arrange for expensive remediation services. Plus, a prompt repair can even help you save any new furniture or other valuables that you have in your home.

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