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Should You Install A New Water Heater?

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For many homeowners, the water heater is like the roof. As long as it's functioning, no one cares to check if it needs repairs or replacement. This is why it's always difficult to spot a water heater problem until it's too late. As such, if you're contemplating water heater replacement, below are signs it's time to do so. 

Dirty Water

If your water changes color once you turn on the hot water taps, consider water heater installation. Dirty or rusty water is typically a sign of a corroded water tank and pipes. If left unattended, the rusty pipes and tank will begin to crack and leak water. 

Keep in mind that a rusty tank and pipes don't always necessitate water heater replacement. In some cases, your plumber can repair your water heater and keep it running for longer. Hire an expert to inspect your water heater and determine whether you need repair or if you need full or partial replacement. 

Larger Household 

If your family has grown since you installed your water heater, you might need a new one. Initially, when you installed your water heater, you likely didn't anticipate the growing heating demands. As a result, your current water heater can't keep up, and may often hear complaints of cold water even when the heater is on. If this is the case, it's time to get a bigger unit that can handle the increased heating demands. Consult a plumber when choosing a unit that's large enough. They can also assist with water heater installation. 

Frequent Repairs 

One or two repairs every few years isn't an issue. However, if you have to hire a plumber or replace certain parts every few months, consider water heater replacement. Such problems will only get worse, and the cost of repairs will pile up. 

To avoid this situation, hire a plumber to inspect your water heater. The plumber can recommend whether your system is worth saving or if you need a replacement.

Old Age 

After ten or so years of hot water, it's time to consider a new water heater installation. Your current water heater has served you well for about ten years, and as it gets even older, it will begin to break down more frequently. Once you begin repairing it, there is no stopping unless you replace it. A few patches and repairs will keep it running, but you won't know for how long. Eventually, it will break down completely. 

An easier alternative in this situation would be to hire a plumber to inspect your water heating system. The plumber will check the serial number to confirm the year of manufacture and recommend the next step. If it's too old, the plumber will recommend a replacement. For more information, contact a heating contractor.