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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Unclog Your Drain

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If you are experiencing a clogged drain, then you are probably searching for ways to unclog it as quickly as possible. While it is possible for you to unclog a blocked drain by yourself, there are some things that you should avoid while doing so. Here is a look at the top three things to avoid when trying to unclog a drain.

Using the Wrong Plunger

One mistake that many people make when they're trying to unclog a drain is that they use the wrong plunger. A plunger that has a flange shape at the end is meant to unclog a toilet. A plunger that has a cup shape is meant to unclog your sink. Using the wrong plunger can make your attempt to unclog a drain ineffective. Always ensure that you have the right plunger on hand before attempting to unclog your drain.

Overloading On Chemicals

There are a lot of chemical remedies on the market that promise to unclog your drain. However, more often than not, they may fail. If you pour one bottle of a chemical solution down your drain and it doesn't work to unclog it, then you should not pour more bottles of that chemical down the drain. These can be toxic and an excessive amount that doesn't unclog the drain may end up sitting in the drainage system itself and eating away at your pipes.

Sticking Things in the Drain

Frustration levels can become high when your drain is blocked. If you have tried using chemicals and a plunger and it is not working, you may be tempted to stick something down the drain. The most common thing that people do is unbend a hanger and poke it down the drain in an attempt to clear it. This may or may not work depending on where the blockage is located. What it can definitely do, however, is damage pipes. This means that in addition to unclogging a drain, you may have to replace part of your plumbing system.

Call the Plumber

Once you have tried to unblock a drain without success, the best thing you can do is call in an emergency plumber. If nothing is working, it may mean that your draining systems need to be pulled apart in some places or more professional tools are needed to remove the blockage. It is always best to call in a professional to do this job. In the long run, it will save you time and money.

Reach out to an emergency plumbing contractor if your clogged drain becomes a real issue.